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Just Say It, and Say It Often to your Child

50 Ways to say "I Love You!"

1. Make their favorite meal
2. Kiss them.
3. Laugh at their jokes
4. Listen to them
5. Watch their favorite movie/TV show with them
6. Ask forgiveness
7. Teach them to work hard
8. Make them wear socks
9. Wipe their tears
10. Discipline them
11. Help them with homework - don't do it for them
12. Make sure they get enough sleep
13. Make cookies with them
14. Read great books to them
15. Go to their concerts, ballgames, recitals, etc
16. Take them on special dates
17. Tell them stories
18. Make a big deal on their birthday
19. Help them learn to set goals
20. Love your spouse
21. Teach them to help others
22. Play with them
23. Take them camping
24. Teach them to spend their money wisely
25. Have a secret handshake
26. Build a fort with them
27. Compliment them often, and mean it
28. Always tell them the truth
29. Challenge them to be better
30. Reward them for a job well done
31. Accept that their best may not be perfect
32. Give them special nicknames
33. Go on walks together
34. Make them brush their teeth and their hair
35. Leave them special notes in their lunch boxes
36. Be patient with them
37. Teach them to make their beds
38. Help them to recognize good friends
39. Have family traditions
40. Put down your phone, iPad, and other electronic devices
41. Make them take showers/baths
42. Follow through
43. Make sure they are dressed appropriately for school and the weather
44. Monitor what they watch and their time using electronic devices
45. Help them to learn to make healthy choices by setting the example
46. Stay calm, discipline out of love but not out of anger  or emotions
47. Give them a hug
48. Enjoy music -  singing and dancing together
49. Play Candy Land, Operation, Go Fish or another game with them
50. Just say it, and say it often - " I Love YOU"!

Partially taken from "31 Days to a Happier Home"

13 Tips to Encourage Academic Success

  1. Make sure your child is at school on time every day all day.
  2. Encourage your child to set goals, both short-term and long-term.
  3. Speak positively about school to your child.
  4. Limit chaos in the mornings.
  5. Read everything that is sent home from school.
  6. Review all homework assignments.
  7. Watch educational channels.
  8. Develop relationships with other parents so that you can call with questions
  9. Use time in the car to discuss what your child is learning in class.
  10. Go to school events where parents can participate.
  11. Give your child "surprise" encouragements.
  12. If your child is learning an educational song, you learn it too, and rock out together on the way to school.
  13. Make sure your child gets plenty of sleep.

Homework Tips

  1. Trying to learn your vocabulary words?
    Make notecards with the word on one side and the definition on the other side.  
  2. Need to know the parts of speech?
    Use different colored cards or highlight at the top of the cards, for example, all nouns are on blue cards, all verbs are on yellow cards, all adjectives are on green cards, and all adverbs are on pink cards.  Your brain will begin to connect the color with the word and the parts of speech.