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  Hi Parents!

We are starting a new unit of The Voyage: Perseverance.
Perseverance is an important character attribute to help your child grow, and we can’t wait to take this journey with them this month. There is so much valuable learning ahead about what it means to persevere ahead.

Our Anchor is, “Perseverance is never giving up even when the task is hard!“ Just as an anchor holds a boat steady, perseverance is foundational for your child. Maybe you’ve noticed your child giving up when they’re having trouble doing something or getting frustrated a difficult task. Well, our goal this month is to help them learn to keep going! They will see that if they persevere, it always ends up better.

Each week we focus on an Action Point. This week’s point is “Perseverance means you are committed to your goals.” Let’s work together to help our children set and reach goals at school and at home. Thanks for being a partner on The Voyage!