Faculty Advisor:
Elizabeth Brown

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WBME is a student-led, student-scripted morning broadcast that began in 1998 when Black’s Mill Elementary opened its doors.  It is constructed of teams of fifth grade students.  Fourth grade students apply for this “prestigious” position in the spring every year and are then trained by fifth grade students who are already active and involved in presenting the morning broadcast.  When our doors re-open every fall, students are ready to begin broadcasting at the beginning of the school year. 

WBME is all about students!  It is a place where students are allowed to be expressive and gain confidence.  Being on air helps them become better speakers and be responsible for their actions.  It is a place to be brave, show encouragement, have good attitudes, and show respect which are the four areas for our Bear Den Program – B=Brave, E=Encourage, A=Attitude, and R=Respect.  By having this program, students are learning and showing all of these character traits to their peers and younger students.  Students say they love being a part of WBME whether it’s saying the pledge, working the cameras or laptops, observing, announcing, or features! 

We are a team!